• Residential Driveway Sealing-100% Sealant
  • Commercial Pavement Sealing-100% Sealant
  • Pavement Repair/Crack Sealing
  • Line Painting/Markings/Layout Design
  • Property Maintenance - Sweeping & Cleaning

It’s Sealing Season

Newfoundland Driveway SealingSealcoating is an essential part of maintaining your asphalt and regular sealing ensures you get the most for your money over time. You can double the life span of asphalt by sealcoating. Protect your investment and have your asphalt treated today. We use sealant in the same grade that is used by army bases and airports - 100% undiluted Black Mac Sealant.


Newfoundland Parking Lot Sealing We use premium sealant in its 100% undiluted form. It is the best available and the best made. We use very powerful equipment to pump 100% sealant. Our industrial grade spray pumps and hoses eliminate the need to dilute the product. This enables us to provide you with the highest quality driveway sealing.

Sealcoats are applied to asphalt surfaces in order to protect the asphalt from damaging elements, any oil spots are pre-treated to ensure proper penetration. Once the sealcoat dries, it seals out water and prevents deterioration of the asphalt by oxidation, sunlight, UV rays, winter salt, and gas, oil and other chemicals.

Don’t be fooled by those other driveway sealing companies who dilute their product. The competition dilutes sealant for two reasons. Their first goal is to save money on material and they use fuels or oils like diesel which is cheaper per liter than sealant to reduce product costs and secondly their pumps are just not powerful like ours and simply cannot handle the 100% sealant. Diluted product is not just inferior it is not safe for you or your property. The competitions product is slippery and turns brown or grey soon after its applied. The finish from our sealant is black and provides a more durable and slip resistant surface than even bare pavement. Safety for you our customer and for our team of employees is our top priority.

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